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İngilizce Proficiency Soruları 4

İngilizce Proficiency Soruları ingilizce hazırlık sınıfına başlamak istemeyen öğrenciler için hazırlanmıştır. İngilizce Proficiency Soruları ile ingilizce ahzırlık sınıfını doğrudan atlayabilirsisniz.

Aşağıda bulunan sorular Uludağ Üniversitesi Testing Ofisi tarafından Proficiency örnekleri olarak hazırlanmıştır.

Sorular 6 Kısımdan oluşmaktadır ve toplamda 100 adet çoktan seçmeli soru bulunmaktadır. Testing ofisi hazırlamadığı için sorular arasında listening soruları yoktur. ( Hazırlık atlama sınavında karşınıza 5 adet çıkacaktır. )

Sınav genel olarak:

– Grammer ( Dil Bilgisi )

– Vocabulary ( Kelime Bilgisi )

– Dialogue completion and Restatement ( Diyalog tamamlama ve Cümleyi yeniden yazma )

– Reading ( Okuma )

– Writing ( Yazma )

– Listening ( Dinleme )

– Key ( Cevap Anahtarı )

olarak hazırlanmıştır. ( Tabi sınavda key olmayacaktır ( :  )  İkinci testimize yukarıdaki sayfalara tıklayarak başlayabilirsiniz.

Uludağ Üniversitesi İngilizce hazırlık atlama Soruları

Uludağ Üniversitesi İngilizce hazırlık atlama soruları zorluk derecesi değişmekle birlikte 5 adet olarak hazırlanmıştır. Aşağıda yer alan soruların üzerine tıklayarak diğer testlere erişebilirsiniz.

 Hazırlık atlama soruları 1

 Hazırlık atlama soruları 2

 Hazırlık atlama soruları 3

 Hazırlık atlama soruları 4 ( Şu anda bu testtesiniz )

 Hazırlık atlama soruları 5

Not: Soruları alıp başka sitelerde yayınlayacaksanız lütfen kaynak olarak adresini soruların sonun yazın.

İngilizce Proficiency Soruları 4


1) Although the partners seem to be in full agreement on matters of management »thesre is actually a…………………..difference of opinion among them.

a)slightly          b)slighter          c)slight            d)slightest


2) After a 1ot of effort and time, he …………… all the difficulties at work.

a)overcame               b)came back             c)came up          d)came across


3) If he gets this…… will help him to recover his self-confidence

a)promote                 b)promoter              c)promotion              d)promotional


4) Because of his stubborn ………….., it will be too difficult to change his mind.

a)person                    b)personal               c)personality             d)personally


5)  A child who is allowed to explore and find things for ………. soon develops self-


a) themselves              b) him                    c) each other             d)himself


6) Most children are able to walk…………..holding onto anything when they are fifteen months old.

a) for               b)from                   c)with                     d)without


7)……………the time Tom reaches school age, he will have been able to dress himself fairly quickly.

a) On                       b)For                      c)In                        d)By


8)  I finally learned what had happened ………… the nurse was wheeling him into the operating room.

a) in case                  b) so that                  c)  as                       d) during


9) Living conditions in a poor village are obviously unhygienic,  ………….it is hard to live without modern conveniences of big cities.

a) since                    b)but                       c)as               d)moreover


10) The new Prime Minister is generally regarded as………….effective leaders the country has had in decades.

a)another        b)the most                c)the other               d)one of the most


11)……desk is on the right as you enter,……….is on the left.

a)ours/your               b)Hers/his               c)Her/mine               d)Their/my


12) Some of the articles in the Criminal Code will have to be changed,…….?

a)will they                b)won’t they             c)haven’t they           d)won’t it


13) Sally apologized…………….her bad performance in the concert last night.

a)of                 b)for              c)by                  d)in


14)The doctor was so kind and considerate……..

a)before the surgery is carried out

b)if I should decide to go through with the operation

c)that I forgot all my worries

d)when it is obvious that the patient has recovered greatly


15)The board consists…………a good cross-section of local business representatives.

a)upon                     b)by                        c)up                        d)of


16) Despite the big  differences in their characters , John and his brother……….well with each other.

a)get on                   b)get by                   c)get off                  d)get up


17) A number of distinguished physicians were invited to give………….. opinion on family planning.

a)ours                      b)theirs                     c)its                d)their


18)By the end of next March, this quiz show……..on TV for ten years.

a)have been            b)has been       c)had been     d)will have been


19)  it is expected that, by the mid 2012 ,a cure for the common cold………….

a) must be found         b)will have found       c) will have been found      d) are being found


20)You shouldn’t have………all your money yesterday. You are broken now!

a)spend         b)spending               c)spent             d)been spending


21)The flight from New York to Rome was………………….it only cost 20 Euros.

a)highly successful       b)extremely cheap      c)much cheaply   d)ridiculously expensive


22) Since the late 1950s modern music…………….a lot and become an important part of

our lives.

a)has changed            b)had changed                    c)is changing            d)was changed


23)The jury accused him ……… murdering one of the most successful politicians in this century.

a)of                       b)for                         c)by                       d)from


24)   There……………..  many efforts to eradicate racism, but very little success …………………so far.

a)were/had been achieved                          b)have been/would have been achieved

c)have been /has been achieved                  d)are /was achieved


25)In his last letter John……….me that he…………married the following week.

a)told/had been got                                    b)has told/has got

c)has told/ was got                                     d)told/was going to get


26)Evaporation………….the process by which a solid or liquid…….into vapor by heat.

a)had been/resolved                       b)was / had resolved

c)may be/has resolved                    d)is/ is resolved


27)The Vikings, who…………. a great part of Sweden about 800 B.C., ……..from Asia Minor.

a)had colonized/originally came                       b)colonized/had originally come   ‘

c)were colonized /have originally come            d)have colonized /originally come


28)The orders were that we…………..the area within hours to prevent further loss of lives.

a)had evacuated    b)have to evacuate    c)will have to evacuated    d)had to evacuate


29) By the time the police…………the burglar……….with all my savings.

a) arrives /is run away                  b)arrived/has run away

c)arrived /had run away               d)was arriving/ was run away


30)As I do not know a word of French I must ………. the document.,………into English

by an interpreter.

a)have /translate        b)have / translated     c)do / translating       d)make/translate


31) When the rain …………., we ali ………….. to the class and watched it   from the


a)started/rushed                             b)started/had been rushing

c)starts/have rushed                        d)starting/rushing


32)The old lady sitting next to my seat asked me……………… to sign the document

a)whether I could give her a spare pen        b)whether could I give her a spare pen c)if could she give me a spare pen              d)if she has a spare pen


33) Nigeria has lost half of its forests……….its population has………….doubled in recent decades.

a)as/more than             b)just as/mostly         c)so as/soon        d)in case /quite


34) Raffael, probably…………famous artist in the world, has revolutionized the way art is taught on campuses.

a)more                     b)most                 c)the most                  d)the more


35) The number of people who are unemployed has………… from 12% to 17% due to some social and economic reasons in recent years.

a)raised            b)risen          c)decreased         d)reduced




36)The teacher was so_____ that she didn’t let her students leave early despite their insist.

a)assertive           b)easy-going          e)ambitious           d)stubborn


37)While we were travelling to the South for our holiday, our car had a____ on the road.

a)breakdown       b)row                     c)work                  d)drow


38)Before starting the meeting, Mr. Robinson will give you some____ information on the issue.

a)former             b)brief                   c)rotten                 d)fortune


39) It’s going to be hard to____ my wife that we cannot afford a new car.

a)overcome        b)extinguish            c)convince             d)believe


40)The new product is such a____ success on the market that company is considering to export it.

a)fruitless           b)huge                  c)tiny                 d)small


41) She got soaked and spoiled her new shoes because it was____ down.

a)pouring            b)sitting               c)getting              d)going


42) They____ the failure on George but I don’t think he could do something better in such circumstances.

a)blame             b)blackmail            c)deny                 d)admit


43) Dr Smith considers himself____ to others simply because he has a higher education and earns more money.

a)best             b) superior             c) specific            d)rich


44) Why don’t you____ the lights on? it has got quite dark here.

a)close              b)vibrate                 c)switch           d)omit


45) Is it true that cholera has______ at Mecca?

a)broken out     b)broken into          c) broken away    d)broken off


46) When I was looking for my passport, I______ these old photos.

a) come into      b) came down         c) came about      d) came across


47) Some parts of the city_____ me of my home town.

a)desire            b)remember            c)remind           d)release


48) His car was slightly damaged in the_____.

a) collision           b) wisdom                c) hemisphere          d) rejection


49)They plan to_____ the bridge by building more stone supports.

a) focus              b) strengthen             c)apply                 d)divorce


50) All the people on the street were______ after the earthquake.

a)terrified          b)delighted               c)furious               d)exhausted


51) Even as the Buckingham Palace was bombed Queen Elizabeth_____ with her daily routine of visiting devastating areas.

a) carried on       b) picked up              c) find out              d) looked after


52) If you have an early appointment tomorrow, don’t forget to___ the alarm clock.

a) fix                 b) create                  c) set                      d) preserve


53) Most people cannot_____ to buy the basic needs of life in the third world countries, a)sale                   b)sale                   c)afford             d)loan


54) When the police arrived, he had already destroyed the_____.

a) event             b) evidence               c) profit                d) credit

Similar Meaning

  Circle the word which has the similar meaning to the underlined ones below:


55) You cannot rely on the weather. Take your umbrella with you!

a)trust             b)decide               c)tell                     d)guess


56) We must get rid of all these books, we don’t need them anymore.

a) throw away           b)hurt          c)fix              d) put


57) Little Christopher takes after his father, he has his black hair and big feet.

a) copy                    b) rise           c) admit           d) look like


Circle the word which has the opposite meaning to the underlined ones below:


58) Although he was accused of murder at first, he later proved to be innocent.

a)lazy               b)guilty               c) blackmail        d)theft


59)He wanted to get married to her, but both their families opposed to their marriage.

a)approved        b)divorced           c)related              d)approached


60)France is a prosperous country with a per capita income of over $15000.

a)rich                 b)wealthy                c)crowded        d)poor



The majority of the dead and injured at bicycle accidents were not wearing protective helmets. A study of the bicycle accidents in the UK has found that helmets reduce the risk of serious head injury by 85%. Yet it’s estimated that less than 5% of British cyclist wear helmets and why don’t more cyclists wear them? There are a variety of reasons. People think that they look foolish, that they are inconvenient and that accidents only happen other people. One of the biggest misconceptions among bicycle riders is that the lower speeds put cyclists at less risk than motorcyclists, who are legally obliged to wear helmets in fact, according to a British report, a higher percentage of bicyclists than motorcyclists suffer head injuries. And their injuries can be severe.


61. We can learn from the passage that bicycle helmets……

a) cannot be regarded as something protective

b) are very popular among the cyclists in the UK.

c) cut down on the risk of head injuries

d)have to be worn by every cyclist due to the law.


62. it is clear from the passage that…..

a) most people killed in cycling accidents were not wearing helmets

b) cyclists are less likely to suffer head injuries than motorcyclists

c) compared to fifty years ago more cyclist wear helmets today

d) wearing a helmet has nothing to do with getting rid of injuries


63. it is stated in the passage that ….

a) young people usually travel on bicycles without using the pedals

b) British government has overcome the problem of road accidents

c) motorcyclists have to wear helmets

d)more than 85% of cyclists prefer wearing helmets in the UK


64) Line 5 “inconvenient” means ….

a) annoying           b) suitable             c) appropriate       d) useful


65) Line 4 “they” refers to….

a) cyclists           b) helmets                 c) reasons          d) head injury


Nowadays, we have many conveniences in our society which have been brought about through technology and science. However, these same advancements in technology and science have caused very dangerous problems, These problems won’t go away easily because people don’t want to give up the conveniences of a modern life-style. The most critical problems which should be dealt with immediately are those of pollution because they are growing daily. Because people don’t want to change their life styles, we must invent a way to neutralize the pollutants we are putting into our environment. People need to be educated so they will stop damaging the planet. Furthermore, governments must take action to prevent individuals and companies from harming their environment.


66) We can understand from the passage that……

a) science and technology have no bad effect.

b) although some conveniences are harmful to our environment, we aren’t able to^gr^githem up.

c) governments have nothing to do with pollution

d) there are no other problems except pollution today


67) According to the passage…….

a) people should be educated so that they would stop harming the planet

b) pollution is a problem for people only in developed countries

c) people shouldn’t change their life styles in order to save their planet

d) pollution shortens the life span of our planet.


68) We can infer from the passage that…..

a) the conveniences of a modern life style don’t have any disadvantages

b) it’s only the government’s duty to take some measures against pollution

c) advanced technology both damages our environment and makes us become addicted to its conveniences

d) modern technology has brought about -changes in the roles of men and women


69) Line 5 “give up” means- …..

a)keep      b)goon          c)hate          d) stop


70) Line 6 “dealt with” means…..

a) took      b) proved       c) coped with       d)left


Fifty years ago, when I was a child, photographs were not of general interest. Photographs were taken of people on special occasions at weddings and on birthdays, for instance thesewere usually kept in a box and brought out at intervals to show the family. Nowadays photography is regarded as an art, just as painting is. Many photographic exhibitions are held and there are many magazines dealing with the art of photography.


71) During recent years …

a)Photography has become a popular form of art

b) a lot of people have taken photographs of good paintings

c) photography has stopped being an art

d) photographic exhibitions are often advertised in magazines


72) The passage compares…….

a) family photographs of today and fifty years ago

b) wedding photographs and birthday photographs

c) photography today and photography fifty years ago

d) public interest in painting today and fifty years ago


73) when the writer was young……..

a) he was very interested in photography

b) people didn’t think of photography as an art

c) people used to go to photographic exhibitions

d) he took a lot of family photographs


74) these” refers to ……..


b)special occasions




People are very much influenced by the climate in which they live For example, those who live in the sunny Mediterranean countries are more friendly and warmer than those living in the cold northern parts of the world. It is in the north, however, that the value of the sun is really understood. This is why the Scandinavian people hold, in the middle of the summer, one of the biggest festivals of the year, known as the Midnight Sun Festival.


75) One reason why people of the Mediterranean countries are warm and friendly ……..

a)   is the number of festivals they have

b)   is the sunny climate

c)   could be the change in climate

d)   seems to be that they do not value the sun


76) “those” refers to

a)   climate

b)   sun

c)   people

d)   countries


77) The midnight sun festival shows that ……..

a)   the Scandinavian people are really very friendly

b)   the summer season has just started

c)   the Scandinavian people give great importance to the sun

d)   the northern parts are not as cold as we think


78) The main idea of the passage is that……..

a)   in the Mediterranean countries no summer festival is held.

b)  there is a close relationship between the climate of a place and the people living there

c)   the Scandinavian people are very fond of holding festivals

d)   the people of the North and the people of the south don’t like each other


All firms spend a great deal of money on advertising their goods and when we buy these goods we have to pay extra to cover the cost of advertisements. Still, most of us get a certain amount of pleasure out of advertisements themselves, especially out of the ones on the radio and television. Further, newspapers and magazines are sold to us cheaply because publishers collect a lot of money from advertisers.


79) Advertisements are…….

a)   useless

b)   published only in newspaper

c)   often entertaining

d)   sold by newspapers


80) “ones” refers to…….

a)   firms

b)   goods

c)   advertisements

d)   pleasure


81) All firms…….

a)   advertise on the radio

b)   sell their advertisements cheaply to magazines

c)   should be banned from advertising

d)   realize that it is necessary to advertise


82) Newspapers……..

a)   are published by advertisers

b)   would cost more if they didn’t print advertisements

c)   are cheaper than magazines

d)   are advertised on the radio


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s world was a world of music from the moment he was born. His father, who was a fine musician, was teaching his daughter to play the piano. Little Wolfgang used to listen to his sister as she practiced. He quickly learned the pieces she played. One day he said he wanted to play too. But he was only three years old then, and his father thought that his hands were too small. However, that evening, alone and in the dark, he played the pieces his sister had been practicing and he played them much better than her.


83)While his sister was practicing, Mozart……..

a)   used to play by himself

b)   learned how to play the piano

c)   talked to his father about music

d)   played the pieces in the dark


84) “them” refers to

a)   Mozart’s father and sister

b)   Mozart5 s piano

c)   the pieces

d)   practicing


85) Mozart’s father didn’t believe that

a)   his daughter would become a fine musician

b)   Mozart practiced often enough

c)    a child of three could possibly play the piano

d)   Mozart listened to his sister as she practiced


86)As a child, Mozart………

a)   was taught by his sister to play the piano

b)    had a great talent for music

c)   used to play for his sister

d)   taught his sister to play the piano



87)Which  of the following sentences cannot be a thesis statement?

a) Using mobile phones too much is harmful for people’s brain.

b) Developing cancer can be avoided in many ways..

c) There are some advantages and disadvantages of watching TV.

d) There are eighty one cities in Turkey.


88)Which  of the following sentences cannot be a thesis statement?

a) Technology affects people in several ways.

b) Many students prefer to learn a foreign language after they graduate.

c) I decided to go to university because of three reasons.

d) Computer games have a big role in behaviors of teenagers.


89) What is the introductory method in the following paragraph?

Last year, while my family and I were travelling to the south we had a small accident which made us think about traffic rules again. We crashed into another car. Fortunately, no one was hurt. After the accident I realized that traffic is a big problem in many countries. in my opinion, there are many ways to avoid traffic accidents.


a)general to specific method       b)historical background

c)anecdote                                d)interesting facts or statistics


90) Which sentence would be suitable for the following paragraph?


Fish can be perfect pets for some reasons. To start with, they are peaceful animals which never cause you any trouble. They are so quiet that sometimes there is the danger of forgetting them!___________________________________. For instance, you can buy their food from any supermarket in the neighborhood. The third reason is that you needn’t take them for a walk or wash them periodically. They live in water! So they never need a bath, which may become a big trouble for other kinds of pets.


a)The last but not the least reason is that they live very long.

b)Another reason is that it is very practical to feed fish at home.

c) For example my goldfish died because of hunger last week.

d)Due to some reasons fish can be good pets to keep at home.


91)  The   following essay is mixed up. Put the paragraphs in the right order to form a narrative essay.


1- I felt excited and at the same time I was very nervous because it was my first day in the university and I didn’t know any person. I didn’t know how to arrive to my classroom. I was lost and I had to ask one person about the building where I was going to take classes. This person was very nice and told me the right direction. I walked to the building, and when I arrived I saw some people and I felt strange. I approached to one girl and I asked for the classroom and we discovered that we where in the same group and I felt less nervous. I introduced myself and She also did it, her name was Yuriko. We came in the classroom and the time to start classed began.


2-   When we began our classes, all our classmates were quiet, nobody talked. The teacher arrived early.  She started the class and after that we introduced ourselves, Then I saw my others classmates and I looked at two girls they were Greta and Eli. l approached with them and l talked with Greta and Eli. I introduced myself, then they did the same and we began to know more about each other, like where we were from or what we did. After that, we spent the rest of the day together until we had to go home.


3- Finally, I am always going to remember that day because l had the opportunity to meet more people and the most important I met the best friends that I have ever had.

I think that it is natural that on the first day we feel nervous, but the things always have a happy ending, thats why I say that my first day in the university was very good.


4- Do you remember your first day in the university? Well, I remember my fırst day I was waiting all the summer to enter at the university. Although I had some difficulty at first, my first day was a good one.

a)1-2-3-4              b)2-l-3-4                    c)4-l-3-2                    d)4-l-2-3


92) What is the best title for the narrative essay above?

a)I started school in 1998                                b)going to school is a hard thing to get accustomed to

c)Who goes to university with me?                  d)An unforgettable day at university


Find the irrelevant sentence:



I)Man no w gets energy from many different sources such as coal and water..

II)Of course, he may use other sources ,as well.

III)For instance, the atomic power is another major source of energy.

IV)In fact, the efficiency of the steam turbine is relatively poor.

a)I                  b)II                 C)III               d)IV



I)Fears and phobias are generally universal in early childhood.

II)However, psychologists disagree about the methods used in child care.

III)Experiments show that they are mostly seen around three year of age.

IV)Fear is ,of course ,a normal response to a real danger but a little child may get afraid from anything real or imaginary.






Read the sample essay below and choose the best alternative to fill the gaps.


Taking part-time jobs has become the phenomenon among university students, and some students in Soochow University follow this trend as well. Indeed, there are some advantages; however, there are also some disadvantages.

One of the advantages is that students can earn money. Some students have to earn money on their own to pay the tuition 95.________some students just earn money to pay for their expenditure or satisfy their desire 96._______, students can acquire more experience and polish their skills when taking part-time jobs. 97._______, if you enjoy teaching, working part-time as a tutor may help you improve your teaching skills and gain experiences.

On the contrary, there are some disadvantages, too. For instance, you might be too

exhausted after working to focus on your academic studying. 98.________, you might be

deceived by the advertisement of part-time jobs. It’s the dangerous part when finding or working part-time jobs.

99.___________, as mentioned above, there are some pros and cons when working part-time jobs. Consequently, all of us should think twice before taking part- time jobs. When we take part-time jobs, we can‘t ignore or forget our duties.


95)   a) as soon as      b)while   c)then  d)consequently


96)   a) finally           b)to sum up     c)what’s more   d)in contrast


97)   a) for example   b)next     c)also  d)unlikely


98)  a)Another disadvantage is that  b) As a conclusion

c) The third reason is that                d) One of the advantages is that


99)  a) On the other hand        b)Whereas      c)To sum up     d) Moreover


100) “pros and cons” in line 13 means  ……………

a) advantages and disadvantages          b)ups and downs

c)problems and troubles                     d)bits and pieces



l-c        2-a       3-c   4-c       5-d      6-d    7-d    8-c      9-d   10-d   11-c    12-b   13-b

14-c   15-d    16-a   17-d    18-b    19-c   20-c   21-b   22-a   23-a   24-c  25-d   26-d

27-b   28-d    29-c   30-b    31-a    32-a   33-a    34-c   35-b



36-d   37-a   38-b   39-c    40-b   41-a   42-a   43-b   44-c   45-a   46-d   47-c   48-a

49-b   50-a   51-a   52-c     53-c  54-b   55-a   56-a   57-d   58-b   59-a   60-d



61-c    62-a   63-c   64-a   65-b   66-b   67-a   68-c   69-d   70-c   71-a  72-c  73-b   

74-a   75-b    76-c   77-c   78-b   79-c   80-c   81-d   82-b   83-b   84-c  85-c  86-b



87-d     88-b    89-c    90-b   91-d    92-d   93-d     94-b   95-b   96-c   97-a   98-a     

99-c     100-a


Not: Soruları alıp başka sitelerde yayınlayacaksanız lütfen kaynak olarak adresini soruların sonun yazın.

İngilizce Proficiency Soruları
İngilizce Proficiency Soruları

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