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İngilizce Proficiency Soruları 2

İngilizce Proficiency Soruları ingilizce hazırlık sınıfına başlamak istemeyen öğrenciler için hazırlanmıştır. İngilizce Proficiency Soruları ile ingilizce ahzırlık sınıfını doğrudan atlayabilirsisniz.

Aşağıda bulunan sorular Uludağ Üniversitesi Testing Ofisi tarafından Proficiency örnekleri olarak hazırlanmıştır.

Sorular 6 Kısımdan oluşmaktadır ve toplamda 100 adet çoktan seçmeli soru bulunmaktadır. Testing ofisi hazırlamadığı için sorular arasında listening soruları yoktur. ( Hazırlık atlama sınavında karşınıza 5 adet çıkacaktır. )

Sınav genel olarak:

– Grammer ( Dil Bilgisi )

– Vocabulary ( Kelime Bilgisi )

– Dialogue completion and Restatement ( Diyalog tamamlama ve Cümleyi yeniden yazma )

– Reading ( Okuma )

– Writing ( Yazma )

– Listening ( Dinleme )

– Key ( Cevap Anahtarı )

olarak hazırlanmıştır. ( Tabi sınavda key olmayacaktır ( :  )  İkinci testimize yukarıdaki sayfalara tıklayarak başlayabilirsiniz.

Uludağ Üniversitesi İngilizce hazırlık atlama Soruları

Uludağ Üniversitesi İngilizce hazırlık atlama soruları zorluk derecesi değişmekle birlikte 5 adet olarak hazırlanmıştır. Aşağıda yer alan soruların üzerine tıklayarak diğer testlere erişebilirsiniz.

 Hazırlık atlama soruları 1

 Hazırlık atlama soruları 2 ( Şu anda bu testtesiniz )

 Hazırlık atlama soruları 3

 Hazırlık atlama soruları 4

 Hazırlık atlama soruları 5

Not: Soruları alıp başka sitelerde yayınlayacaksanız lütfen kaynak olarak adresini soruların sonun yazın.

İngilizce Proficiency Soruları 2


1 )He’ll come to the party,________?

a) do I                            b) will he                    c) don’t you                d) won’t he


2)________car is out of order so they want to come with us in________.

a) Their / our                 b) Their / ours             c) Theirs / mine           d) His /my


3)Wearing_________jewellery can be dangerous. If I were you, I would just wear_____rings.

a) too much/ a few b) too many / a few      c) a few / too much      d) many / a little


4)1 hope you remember________the burglar alarm before you go to bed every night

a) to set                     b) to have set          c) to be set                 d) setting


5) “ Do you like Australia? ”

    “ Oh yes! I think it’s one of_________  in the world”

a) the most beautiful places                         b) most beautiful places

c) most beautiful place                              d) the most beautiful place.


6) “What did John do after he fell”

     “He kept running_________his pain”

     a) even though      b) unless      c) however            d) despite


7) I______ be shy in front of large groups of people, but now I_______speaking to large a audience.

a) was used to / am used to                        b) got used to / used to

c) used to / am used to                               d) used to/ used to


8)By the time the students________to the classroom, the teacher________all the topics of the day on the blackboard.

a)come/has written

b)have come/ was writing

c)came/had written

d)will come/will have written


9) Martha hasn’t been feeling well recently. Her mother wants _________.

a) her to go to a doctor    b) to go to a doctor    c) take her to a doctor      d) see a doctor


10)Take your coat with you________it gets colder in the evening.

a) unless               b) so that                   c) in case                     d)whether


11 )Unless you______me the truth, I ________forgive you.

a) would tell / would                          b)don’t tell / won’t

c) tell / won’t                         d) will tell / will


12)1 _______anyone for six days, because my telephone is out of order and I don’t know when it will be repaired.

a) mustn’t have telephoned                   b) haven’t been able to telephone

c) wouldn’t have telephoned                 d) shouldn’t have telephoned


13) If you had finished the project on time, you________a passing grade

a) would have got         b) will get                   c) got                         d) had got


14)People________their free time watching it more than doing anything else since the television _______ in 1935.

a)have been spending/ was invented

b)spend /invented

c)were spending /had been invented

d)spend/ has been invented


15)The more crowded a family gets,________.

a)the easier a family can meet its basic needs

b)it becomes more and more difficult to meet each member’s basic needs

c)meeting basic needs of each member becomes more difficult

d)the more difficult it becomes to meet each member’s basic needs


16)I am usually good at mathematics, but the last exam was so difficult that I got a low mark and________my friends.

a) so were                    b) nor did                  c) so did             d) neither did


17)Last year,________group of climbers who were from________Netherlands died before they reached the peak of ____Mount Everest.

a)-/-/the            b)the/-/the         c)a/the/-              d)-/the/-


18)1________overtime, because Jenny was terribly ill and couldn’t help me with the project.

a) couldn’t work

b) might have worked

c) had to work

d) can’t have worked


19)We________hurry, otherwise we will have to watch the concert at the back.

a)might                            b)can                         c)ought           d)had better

20)The children all rushed out to meet their father________they heard his car in the drive.

a)while                         b)by the time          c)until               d)as soon as


21)1 saw a car________into a motorcycle on my way home. Fortunately,________was injured.

a)crashing/either of the drivers

b) crash/neither of the drivers

c) crashed/both of the drivers

d) had crashed/one of the drivers


22)Someone_______their umbrella here. I wonder whose it is.

a) had forgotten       b) forgot        c) has forgotten             d) will forget.


23)Take this shirt back_________you bought it from.

a)wherever           b)whatever      c)whichever    d)however


24)This medicine_________only twice a day. An overdose can lead to serious health problems.

a) is being taken   b) can take       c) ought to take     d) should be taken


25)If you_________my advice and asked your doctor before taking those antibiotics, you________in

hospital now.

a) took won’t be      b) had taken / wouldn’t be   c) were taking / would be    d) were taken / are


26)My father___________by 2010.

a) retired     b) have retired         c) will have retired       d) is retiring


27)Some instruments_________by modern scientists are quite simple; others are quite complex.

a)which are used    b) are used                  c)which use                 d)uses


28)1 was introduced to Mrs Fletcher_________had sold a million copies.

a) the latest novel of hers                        b)whose latest novel

c) the latest novel of which                     d)the latest novel of whose


29)___________that I can’t remember them all.

a) There are many stories               b) I know a lot of stories

c) Many stories in the book            d) There are so many stories in the book


30)1 don’t remember________that gentleman before, that’s why I would like________introduced to him now.

a)meeting / to be   b) to meet / being        c) to meet / to be          meeting / be

31) Tom has worked very hard today. He________be tired now.

a) will                             b) had better                c) has              d) must


32)Because he was noisy, his teacher__________ in one extra hour after school.

a) making him stay   b) made him to stay    c) made him staying    d) made him stay


33)Can you tell us_________tomorrow?

a) when will you come         b) if you will be coming          c)will youc ome          d) where you be


34)The city where I was born is_______than yours.

a) more farther                  b) a lot far        c) more far                  d) much farther


35)I like the sunglasses__________.

a) that you are wearing them          b) who you are wearing

c) you are wearing                           d) you are wearing it


36) Those of you who would like to answer the question _________their hands.

a) rise                   b) lift                        c) arise                       d) raise


37) We couldn’t_________to buy the house because the price exceeded our savings.

a) think                b) afford                     c) succeed                   d) achieve


38) Ahmet finally  got the__________he was expecting and became the manager of the firm.

a) promoted           b) promotion               c) price            d) proposal


39)The ill man received__________for the health problems he suffered due to poor working conditions.

a) consumer    b) compensation          c) guarantee                d) salary


40)The essay was difficult to read because the handwriting was so_____.

a) intelligible       b) frustrated     c) illegible          d) periodical


41) People in prehistoric times often _____ caves

a)hid            b) inhabited              c) unified                    d)invented


42)This young girl has good manners because she has been________well.

a)brought up          b)looked after             c)brought about      d)looked up


43)”War and Peace” _____ Dostoyevsky has been translated________ali major languages.

a)from/to                         b)by/into                    c)from/into                  d)by/from


44)The students were________when they learned the________results of the final exam.

a) disappointing/worried      b)disappointed/worrying

c)disappointing/worrying    d)disappointed/worried

45)I listened to her______________and gave up smoking.

a)advice      b)agreement       c)offer        d)telling


46)1 sometimes__________quite valuable things in antique shops.

a) come back         b) come across             c) come to       d) come into


47) in spite of his________, he feels alone.

a)popular              b)popularity                c)population                d)popularize


48)The bank will_______you the money if you are prepared to pay eight percent interest.

a) borrow           b) receipt            c) loan            d) profit


49) Suzan was alone in the house when the fire_________.

a) broke out           b) broke off     c) broke in       d) broke up.


50)Hospital doctors work too hard and cannot really enjoy their lives because they can not________a hobby.

a) take away         b) take on        c) take after     d) take up


51)I can’t________people’s complaints at work anymore . I’ll have to resign one day.

a) catch up with     b) go with        c) keep up with            d) put up with


52)Watch_______! You are going to fail!

a) out                   b) off              c) up               d) in


53)Jane has been suffering from_______for three months. Lack of sleep has affected her health badly.

a) insane               b) insincere    c) injustice        d) insomnia


54) it was important for the spy not to_________his true identity.

a) recognize           b) reveal          c) resent          d) release

Find Same Meaning

Choose the word that has the same meaning as the underlined word


55)  His parents did not realize the severity of the situation and therefore refused to help him.

a)location              b)victim                     c)purpose                   d) seriousness


56)The suspect was interrogated for hours by two police officers .

a) questioned       b) asked             c) informed                 d) followed


57) One symptom of the disease is high fever.

a)symbol    b) sign             c) cause           d) pain


58)  Give me a hand with these shopping bags’ shouted my mother from the front door.

a) take     b)throw          c)help             d) fill


59) The car stolen by the robbers was found deserted near a village.

a)lonely     b) damaged      c) broken down            d) left


60) The extras for the cast of the film were chosen randomly from the crowd.

a) carefully   b) in a planned way      c) intentionally d) carelessly




61)Pat: Are these your gloves ?

     Mary : No, mine are in my pocket.


     Mary : It’s possible. She has a pair of blue ones.

a) Tell Jill I’ve found a pair of gloves.

b) Jill thought they were yours.

c) Whose are they then ?

d) Could they be Jill’s ?


62)Jack: Do you think the film “Lord of the Rings” is suitable for children?

     Tim:  Not for very small children.


     Tim:   About twelve, I would say.

a)Do you know whether it is showing at our local cinema or not?

b)  We won’t take our daughters then.

c)  Is it showing at ten o’clock next week?

d)  At what age would it be best?


63)Interviewer: Why did you decide to go into acting?

      Actor         : I’ve always enjoyed the theatre, and my teachers at school had noticed I had a     talent and told my parents


      Actor         : Not at first. But when they realized I was serious about it, they did.

a)Is anyone else in your family talented?

b)Did they give you any encouragement?

c)How did your parents react to that?

d) Was it after that you went to theatre school?




64)Tom’s brother broke the window, not Tom.

a) Tom didn’t break the window, his brother did.

b) The window was broken by Tom, not his brother.

c)  The window wasn’t broken by Tom or his brother.

d)  Neither Tom nor his brother broke the window.

65)I can come any day this week except Tuesday.

a) I like to come once a week, on a Tuesday.

b) I have only one free day each week and that’s Tuesday.

c) This week, the only day that doesn’t suit me is Tuesday.

d) The only day I can manage this week is Tuesday.


66) George Bums is likely to turn up late for the meeting.

a)  George Burns is always late for the meeting.

b)  George Burns does not like to arrive late when he has a meeting.

c)  George Burns wants to come late to the meeting.

d)  George Burns will probably arrive late for the meeting.


67)We arrived late so we missed the first act of the play.  

a) If the play had begun on time we should have missed the first act

b) The first act of the play had just started when we arrived

c) We weren’t able to see the first act of the play as we got there late.

d) We were late but the first act didn’t begin on time.


68) in my opinion, the explanation he gave for the explosion was not very convincing.

a) I’m convinced that he won’t be able to give a credible explanation of the explosion.

b) The way he explained the explosion didn’t seem very credible

c) I don’t think that his explanation for the explosion will convince everyone.

d) I can’t accept the way he explains the explosion



69)Which of the following sentences cannot be a thesis statement?

a) There are many advantages of staying at a dormitory for students.

b) Famine is caused by many factors .

c) Kars is situated in the East of Turkey.

d) Learning a foreign language can be made easier in many ways.


70) Which of the following sentences cannot be a thesis statement?

a) There are many different types of irrigation methods used for different crops and earth types.

b) Many animals are rapidly becoming extinct.

c) Environmental pollution affects people in numerous ways.

d) Games have a big role in the development of children.


Which sentence is not a supporting idea to the given topic sentences?


71)  Ozone is very damaging at ground level, but in the atmosphere it is very necessary for the continuation of life.

a) However , in 50 years time, many species will have become extinct.

b) The Ozone layer encircles the world and protects us from the sun.

c) The ultra- violet light is filtered by this way.

d) If it weren’t filtered it would cause eye troubles and skin cancers.


72)The first year of marriage İs surely to be a difficult one.

a) Suddenly two people realize that they are responsible not only for themselves; but also have to consider the feelings and needs of another person.

b)No one should mistakenly rush into a marriage.

c) in the first year both partners have to learn to accept the annoying little habits that both of them will surely have.

d) in the first year a couple has to learn how to get along with their in-laws. Mark the best choice.


73)  Air pollution in Ankara is a serious problem._____________

a) However, fumes from cars and factories pollute the air.

b) Therefore, something must be done immediately.

c) As a result the air is polluted.

d) For example, there is air pollution in big cities.


74)  Farming is an unpopular way of life in developing countries-Although young people know many new mechanized farming methods, they__________________

a) try to make farming popular.

b) try to find jobs in cities.

c) prefer to stay in their villages.

d) prefer to use old methods of farming.


75)There are over one million words in the English language today. However,_______________.

a) English is the language that has the largest vocabulary in the world

b) the average educated speaker knows only about 10.000 words.

c) few of the words in Shakespeare’s Works were of foreign origin.

d) the English vocabulary is much larger than the vocabulary of Italian.


76)Jet planes can go very fast; in fact______________

a)some of them can go faster than the speed of sound.

b) navigation systems have been improved so that planes can fly at night

c) supersonic jets are very expensive.

d) many improvements have been made in airplanes to provide more comfort


77)___________because they help to prepare the student for the final examination.

a) A dictionary is usually a reliable guide to pronunciation

b) Examinations are given during the term

c) None of them was adequately prepared

d) Surely you understood the importance of being able to speak and write effectively


The piranha, in spite of its tiny size, is one of the most feared fish in the world. Piranhas live in the Aaron River, have very sharp teeth, and are capable of eating four times their body weight daily. This would not be so bad, if it were not for the way they attack in numbers. Even the smallest movement, like splashing your hand in the water, is enough to attract 300 piranhas in an instant A piranha attack can transform a live cow into a skeleton in a matter of minutes. When there is nothing else to eat, they will even eat each other.


78) According to the passage, the piranha________.

a) is the world’s smallest fish

b)would not be so bad if it was better understood

c)has sharp teeth and a large appetite

d)lives largely on a diet of its own species


79)  The passage tells us that________.

a)piranhas are dangerous because so many of them gather to attack their prey

b)a single piranha can eat a cow in a matter of minutes

c)the average piranha eats four other piranhas every day

d) piranhas are useless because they are not edible


80) it is stated in the passage that in the absence of food, piranhas________.

a) feed on each other

b)migrate to other rivers

c)get smaller in size

d)face a decline in their numbers


World population is increasing at an alarming rate, despite birth control and family planning. it is estimated that by the year 2060, the Earth will have 10 billion people. Governments, and particularly governments of developing countries, will face major challenges to provide for their growing populations. The first and the most obvious challenge is to provide an adequate food supply. Next is to build adequate housing. Severe unemployment will also be a problem if new jobs are not created in accordance with the increasing population. The last, and the possibly most important, is the challenge of providing education for everyone.


81)The author believes that_______.

a)  the effects of growing populations will be felt worse in developing countries

b)  there will be few developing countries by the year 2060

c)  unemployment is more important than shortage of housing

d)  everyone has a right to a free education


82)According to the passage, governments________.

a)  of developed countries should help those of poorer countries

b)  will face four important problems because of growing populations

c) are generally too bureaucratic to deal with their problems

d) will need to house 10 billion extra people by the year 2060


83)It is implied in the passage that_______.

a)   governments will have to be strong enough to meet the challenges of over-population

b)   some of the current jobs will become outdated in the future as new ones are created

c)   education is the best way to stop the world population growth

d)  there won’t be a major world famine during the next century


84)word ‘adequate’ is closest in meaning to __________________________.

a)more               b) enough             c) excessive             d) limited



Students of English as a foreign language often ask teachers which newspapers to read. They naturally suppose that reading an English newspaper will be a good way of improving their knowledge of the language. But they are frequently disappointed because they cannot understand popular newspapers and think the ‘quality ‘ newspapers will be even more difficult. In fact the opposite is usually the case. Popular newspapers are written for people who haven’t got much time for reading and who, perhaps do not read as fast or enjoy reading as much as people who buy ‘quality’ newspapers. So, the editors try to attract the readers’ attention with sensationalheadlines in big black type. The headlines do not explain the content of the news item underneath. On the contrary they are often designed to puzzle the reader so that he will be persuaded to read the item to find out the meaning of the headline! Apart from that, they use double meanings, so a foreign reader is usually confused by them. Editors are also afraid that the readers will not be patient enough to read a long paragraph. Therefore .almost every sentence becomes a paragraph in itself, which is also a disadvantage for the student of English as a foreign language.


Mark the best choice.


85)Students of English as a foreign language want to read English newspapers because________.

a) they are disappointed in the difficulty of newspapers

b) they don’t have much time to read

c) they think they will learn the language better this way

d) None of the above is correct


86) Line 5, ‘in fact, the opposite is usually the case’ means___________

a) quality newspapers are less difficult to read than popular newspapers

b) students can read popular newspapers easily

c) people who read popular newspapers have a lot of time for reading

d) popular newspapers aren’t written for people who do not have time for reading


87)Editors think that people who read popular newspapers_____________.

a) do not have much time to read

b) do not enjoy reading very much

c) cannot read very fast

d) Ali of the above are correct


88) Line 7 ‘sensational’ means _____.

a) beautiful     b) interesting           c)serious          d)huge


89)Line 9 ” they” refers to_______.

a)the readers          b) the editors    c) the headlines d) the news items


90) Line 10 ‘they ‘ refers to_______

a) the readers         b) the editors     c) the headlines      d) the news items


91)Which of the following is not a disadvantage of a popular newspaper?

a) The sentences are long

b) The headlines do not explain the content of the news item underneath.

c) foreign readers are confused by the headlines.

d) The headlines are big and black.


The oldest specimens of glass we know of are Egyptian, and it is quite probable that the land of the Pharaohs was the original home of glass. The glass of early Egypt, usually opaque and colored, was made in small pieces for purposes of decoration, or in the form of vases, tiny vessel, or omamentel figures. Many of these glass articles have been found in tombs six thousand years old.

The ancient Egyptians knew not only how to make glass, but how to make exquisite art glass pieces. They also used glass to imitate precious stones. From its earliest years glass has led a double life – one of great usefulness and beauty, and one of glittering pretense.


92)The words ” six thousand years old” (line 4) refer to

a) glass articles     b) tombs       c) Pharaohs        d) ancient Egypt


93)It is most probable that glass was originally used by          .

a) modem Egyptians      b) Indians to adorn themselves

c) ancient Egyptians      d) American manufacturers of glassware


94) Which statement is correct? in its early days glass was____________.

a) never made in colors                        b) never useful!

c) used to imitate precious stones          d) always made in large pieces


95. The word ” imitate” means

a) take           b) copy           c) use           d) make


96) We may infer that the Egyptian glass articles

a) could last a long time                       b) lasted a few years only

c) have never been found                     d) were not beautiful


97) Glass has always led a double life because of its

a) age and art                                     b) opaqueness and transparency

c) colorlessness and colorfulness         d) usefulness and glittering pretense.


98) Glass was originally used for

a) drinking glasses         b) mirrors        c) tombs of the Pharaohs          d) decoration


99) The paragraphs suggest that glass always was

a) useful           b) scarce                     c) opaque                   d) expensive


100)The paragraphs indicate that the Pharaohs were

a) in Egypt                                             b) glass manufacturers

c) manufacturers of precious stones          d) dealers in ornamental figures














































41. B















Find Same Meaning








Dialogue Completion



63 .B


Find Same Meaning ( Sentence )


65 .C



















80 A




















100. A


Not: Soruları alıp başka sitelerde yayınlayacaksanız lütfen kaynak olarak adresini soruların sonun yazınız.

İngilizce Proficiency Soruları
İngilizce Proficiency Soruları

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