Autodesk Inventor skills design drafting

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Autodesk İnventor Eğitimi

A working professional with design and drafting experience
Familiar with basic Microsoft Windows functions
Familiar with drafting and design terminology
For example, this book will discuss how to create orthographic projections in
a drawing but will not discuss what an orthographic projection is.
81691flast.indd xvii 7/10/09 6:24:33 PM
xviii Introduction
Given that, I don’t assume you have 3D solid modeling experience or even
experience with a computer-aided design (CAD) program. If this book encourages
people who’ve never used 3D or even CAD to try Inventor, then I will consider
it an unqualifi ed success.
The exercises in this book will focus on how you can use Autodesk Inventor
and Autodesk Inventor LT as tools to carry out design work f

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