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Thomas' Calculus 11.Edition with Solutions

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Mechanical Engineering Handbook
Ed. Frank Kreith
Boca Raton: CRC Press LLC, 1999

SECTION 1 Mechanics of Solids Bela I. Sandor
1.1 Introduction Bela I Sandor
1.2 Statics Bela I. Sandor
1.3 Dynamics Stephen M. Birn and Bela I. Sandor
1.4 Vibrations Bela I. Sandor
1.5 Mechanics of Materials Bela I. Sandor
1.6 Structural Integrity and Durability Bela I. Sandor
1.7 Comprehensive Example of Using Mechanics of Solids Methods Richard C. Duveneck, David A. Jahnke, Christopher J. Watson, and Bela I. Sandor

SECTION 2 Engineering Thermodynamics Michael J. Moran
2.1 Fundamentals Michael J.Moran
2.2 Control Volume Applications Michael J.Moran
2.3 Property Relations and Data Michael J.Moran
2.4 Combustion Michael J.Moran
2.5 Exergy Analysis Michael J.Moran
2.6 Vapor and Gas Power Cycles Michael J.Moran
2.7 Guidelines for Improving Thermodynamic Effectiveness Michael J.Moran

SECTION 3 Fluid Mechanics Frank Kreith
3.1 Fluid Statics Stanley A.Berger
3.2 Equations of Motion and Potential Flow Stanley A.Berger
3.3 Similitude: Dimensional Analysis and Data Correlation Suar W.Churchill
3.4 Hydraulics of Pipe Systems J.Paul Tullis
3.5 Open Channel Flow Frank M.White
3.6 External Incompressible Flow Alan T.McDonald
3.7 Compressible Flow Ajay Kumar
3.8 Multiphase Flow John C.Chen
3.9 Non-Newtonian Flow Thomas F.Irvine Jr. and Massimo Capobianchi
3.10 Tribology, Lubrication, and Bearing Design Francis E.Kennedy, E.Richard Booser, and Donald F.Wilcock
3.11 Pumps and Fans Rober F.Boehm
3.12 Liquid Atomization and Spraying Rolf D.Reitz
3.13 Flow Measurement Alan T.McDonald and Sherif A.Sherif
3.14 Micro/Nanotribology Bharat Bhushan

SECTION 4 Heat and Mass Transfer Frank Kreith
4.1 Conduction Heat Transfer Rober F.Boehm
4.2 Convection Heat Transfer George D.Raithby, K.G.Terry Hollands, and N.V.Suryanarayana
4.3 Radiation Michael F.Modest
4.4 Phase-Change Van P.Carey, John C.Chen and Noam Lior
4.5 Heat Exchangers Ramesh K.Shah and Kenneth J.Bell
4.6 Temperature and Heat Transfer Measurements Robert J.Moffat
4.7 Mass Transfer Anthony F.Mills
4.8 Applications Arthur E.Bergles, Anthony F.Mills, Larry W.Swanson, and Vincent W.Antonetti
4.9 Non-Newtonian Fluids —Heat Transfer Thomas F.Irvine,Jr. and Massimo Capobianchi

SECTION 5 Electrical Engineering Giorgio Rizzoni
5.1 Introduction Giorgio Rizzoni
5.2 Fundamentals of Electric Circuits Giorgio Rizzoni
5.3 Resistive Network Analysis Giorgio Rizzoni
5.4 AC Network Analysis Giorgio Rizzoni
5.5 AC Power Giorgio Rizzoni
5.6 Frequency Response,Filters,and Transient Analysis Giorgio Rizzoni
5.7 Electronics Giorgio Rizzoni
5.8 Power Electronics Giorgio Rizzoni
5.9 Operational Amplifiers Giorgio Rizzoni
5.10 Digital Circuits Giorgio Rizzoni
5.11 Measurements and Instrumentation Giorgio Rizzoni
5.12 Electromechanical Systems Giorgio Rizzoni

SECTION 6 Mechanical System Controls Jan F. Kreider
6.1 Human – Machine Interaction Thomas B. Sheridan
6.2 The Need for Control of Mechanical Systems Peter S. Curtiss
6.3 Control System Analysis Peter S. Curtiss
6.4 Control System Design and Application Peter S. Curtiss
6.5 Advanced Control Topics Peter S. Curtiss, Jan Kreider, Ronald M.Nelson, and Shou-Heng Huang

SECTION 7 Energy Resources D. Yogi Goswami
7.1 Introduction D.Yogi Goswami
7.2 Types of Derived Energy D.Yogi Goswami
7.3 Fossil Fuels Robert Reuther, Richard Bajura, Larry Grayson, and Philip C. Crouse
7.4 Biomass Energy Michael C.Reed, Lynn L.Wright, Ralph P.Overend, and Carlton Wiles
7.5 Nuclear Resources James S. Tulenko
7.6 Solar Energy Resources D.Yogi Goswami
7.7 Wind Energy Resources Dale E.Berg
7.8 Geothermal Energy Joel L. Renner and Marshall J. Reed

SECTION 8 Energy Conversion D. Yogi Goswam
8.1 Steam Power Plant Lawrence Conway
8.2 Gas Turbines Steven I. Freedman
8.3 Internal Combustion Engines David E. Klett and Elsayed A.Adfify
8.4 Hydraulic Turbines Roger E.A. Arndt
8.5 Stirling Engines William B. Stine
8.6 Advanced Fossil Fuel Power Systems Anthony F. Armor
8.7 Energy Storage Chand K. Jotshi and D.Yogi Goswami
8.8 Nuclear Power Robert Pagano and James S. Tulenko
8.9 Nuclear Fusion Thomas E. Shannon
8.10 Solar Thermal Energy Conversion D.Yogi Goswami
8.11 Wind Energy Conversion Dale E. Berg
8.12 Energy Conversion of the Geothermal Resource Carl J. Bliem and Gregory L. Mines
8.13 Direct Energy Conversion Kitt C. Reinhardt, D.Yogi Goswami, Mysore L. Ramalingam , Jean-Pierre Fleurial, and William D. Jackson
8.14 Ocean Energy Technology Desikan Bharathan and Federica Zangrando
8.15 Combined Cycle Power Plants William W. Bathie
8.16 EMERGY Evaluation and Transformity Howard T.Odum

SECTION 9 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Shan K. Wang
9.1 Introduction Shan K.Wang
9.2 Psychrometrics Shan K.Wang
9.3 Air Conditioning Processes and Cycles Shan K.Wang
9.4 Refrigerants and Refrigeration Cycles Shan K.Wang
9.5 Outdoor Design Conditions and Indoor Design Criteria Shan K.Wang
9.6 Load Calculations Shan K.Wang
9.7 Air Handling Units and Packaged Units Shan K.Wang
9.8 Refrigeration Components and Evaporative Coolers Shan K.Wang '
9.9 Water Systems Shan K.Wang
9.10 Heating Systems Shan K.Wang
9.11 Refrigeration Systems Shan K.Wang
9.12 Thermal Storage Systems Shan K.Wang
9.13 Air Systems Shan K.Wang
9.14 Absorption Systems Shan K.Wang
9.15 Air Conditioning Systems and Selection Shan K.Wang
9.16 Desiccant Dehumidification and Air Conditioning Zalman Lavan

SECTION 10A Electronic Packaging
10A.1 Electronic Packaging Technologies Kevin D. Cluff and Michael G. Pecht
10A.2 Thermal Management in Electronic Packaging and Systems B.G. Sammakia and K. Ramakrishna
10A.3 Mechanical Design and Reliability of Electronic Systems Fred Barez
10A.4 Electronic Manufacturing: Processes, Optimization, and Control Roop L. Mahajan

SECTION 10 Transportation Frank Kreith
10.1 Transportation Planning Michael D.Meyer
10.2 Design of Transportation Facilities John Leonard II and Michael D.Meyer
10.3 Operations and Environmental Impact Paul W.Shuldiner and Kenneth B.Black
10.4 Transportation Systems Paul Schonfeld
10.5 Alternative Fuels for Motor Vehicles Paul Norton
10.6 Electric Vehicles Frank Kreith
10.7 Intelligent Transportation Systems James B. Reed

SECTION 11 Engineering Design Leonard D. Albano and Nam P. Suh
11.1 Introduction Nam P. Suh
11.2 Elements of the Design Process Nam P. Suh
11.3 Concept of Domains Nam P. Suh
11.4 The Axiomatic Approach to Design Nam P. Suh
11.5 Algorithmic Approaches to Design Leonard D. Albano
11.6 Strategies for Product Design Michael Pecht
11.7 Design of Manufacturing Systems and Processes Leonard D. Albano
11.8 Precision Machine Design Alexander Slocum
11.9 Robotics Leonard D. Albano
11.10 Computer-Based Tools for Design Optimization Mark Jakiela, Kemper Lewis, Farrokh Mistree, and J.R. Jagannatha Rao

SECTION 12 Material Richard L. Lehman and Malcolm G. McLaren
12.1 Metals Victor A. Greenhut
12.2 Polymers James D. Idol and Richard L. Lehman
12.3 Adhesives Richard L. Lehman
12.4 Wood Daniel J. Strange
12.5 Portland Cement Concrete Steven H. Kosmatka
12.6 Composites Victor A. Greenhut
12.7 Ceramics and Glass Richard L.Lehman, Daniel J.Strange, and William F. Fischer III

SECTION 13 Modern Manufacturing Jay Lee and Robert E. Schafrik
13.1 Introduction Jay Lee and Robert E. Schafrik
13.2 Unit Manufacturing and Assembly Processes Robert E. Schafrik
13.3 Essential Elements in Manufacturing Processes and Equipment
John Fildes, Yoram Koren, M. Tomizuka, Kam Lau, and Tai-Ran Hsu
13.4 Modern Design and Analysis Tools for Manufacturing David C .Anderson,Tien-Chien Chang,Hank Grant,Tien-I. Liu, J.M.A. Tanchoco,Andrew C. Lee,and Su-Hsia Yang
13.5 Rapid Prototyping Takeo Nakagawa
13.6 Underlying Paradigms in Manufacturing Systems and Enterprise for the 21st Century H.E.Cook, James J.Solberg, and Chris Wang

SECTION 14 Robotics Frank L. Lewis
14.1 Introduction Frank L.Lewis
14.2 Commercial Robot Manipulators John M.Fitzgerald
14.3 Robot Configurations Ian D.Walker
14.4 End Effectors and Tooling Mark R.Cutkosky and Peter McCormick
14.5 Sensors and Actuators Kok-Meng Lee
14.6 Robot Programming Languages Ron Bailey
14.7 Robot Dynamics and Control Frank L. Lewis
14.8 Planning and Intelligent Control Chen Zhou
14.9 Design of Robotic Systems Kok-Meng Lee
14.10 Robot Manufacturing Applications John W. Priest and G.T. Stevens, Jr.
14.11 Industrial Material Handling and Process Applications of Robots John M. Fitzgerald
14.12 Moblie, Flexible-Link, and Parallel-Link Robots Kai Liu

SECTION 15 Computer-Aided Engineering Kyran D. Mish
15.1 Introduction Kyran D. Mish
15.2 Computer Programming and Computer Architecture Kyran D. Mish
15.3 Computational Mechanics Kyran D. Mish
15.4 Computer Intelligence Kyran D. Mish
15.5 Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Joseph Mello

SECTION 16 Environmental Engineering Jan F. Kreider
16.1 Introduction Ari Rabl and Jan F. Kreider
16.2 Benchmarks and Reference Conditions Ari Rabl, Nevis Cook, Ronald H. Hewitt Cohen, and Tissa Illangasekare '
16.3 Sources of Pollution and Regulations Jan F.Kreider, Nevis Cook, Tissa Illangasekare, and Ronald H. Hewitt Cohen
16.4 Regulations and Emission Standards Nevis Cook and Ronald H Hewitt Cohen
16.5 Mitigation of Water and Air Pollution Jan F. Kreider, Nevis Cook, and Ronald H .Hewitt Cohen
16.6 Environmental Modeling Paolo Zannetti, Ronald H. Hewitt Cohen, Nevis Cook, Ari Rabl, and Peter S. Curtiss
16.7 Global Climate Change Frank Kreith

SECTION 17 Engineering Economics and Project Management Chan S. Park and Donald D. Tippett
17.1 Engineering Economic Decisions Chan S. Park
17.2 Establishing Economic Equivalence Chan S. Park
17.3 Measures of Project Worth Chan S. Park
17.4 Cash Flow Projections Chan S. Park
17.5 Sensitivity and Risk Analysis Chan S. Park
17.6 Design Economics Chan S. Park
17.7 Project Management Donald D. Tippett

SECTION 18 Communications and Information Systems Lloyd W. Taylor
18.1 Introduction Lloyd W. Taylor
18.2 Network Components and Systems Lloyd W. Taylor and Daniel F. DiFonzo
18.3 Communications and Information Theory A. Britton Cooper III
18.4 Applications Lloyd W. Taylor, Dhammika Kurumbalapitiya, and S.Ratnajeevan H.Hoole

SECTION 19 Mathematics William F. Ames and George Cain
19.1 Tables William F.Ames
19.2 Linear Algebra and Matrices George Cain
19.3 Vector Algebra and Calculus George Cain
19.4 Difference Equations William F. Ames
19.5 Differential Equations William F. Ames
19.6 Integral Equations William F. Ames
19.7 Approximation Methods William F. Ames
19.8 Integral Transforms William F. Ames
19.9 Calculus of Variations Approximation William F. Ames
19.10 Optimization Methods George Cain
19.11 Engineering and Statistics Y.L. Tong
19.12 Numerical Methods William F. Ames
19.13 Experimental Uncertainty Analysis W.G. Steele and H.W. Coleman
19.14 Chaos R.L. Kautz
19.15 Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic Dan M. Frangopol

SECTION 20 Patent Law and Miscellaneous Topics Frank Kreith
20.1 Patents and Other Intellectual Property Thomas H. Young
20.2 Product Liability and Safety George A. Peters
20.3 Bioengineering Jeff R. Crandall, Gregory W. Hall, and Walter D. Pilkey
20.4 Mechanical Engineering Codes and Standard Michael Merker
20.5 Optics Roland Winston and Walter T. Welford
20.6 Water Desalination Noam Lior
20.7 Noise Control Malcolm J. Crocker
20.8 Lighting Technology Barbara Atkinson, Andrea Denver, James E. McMahon, Leslie Shown, Robert Clear, and Craig B Smith
20.9 New Product Development Philip R. Teakle and Duncan B. Gilmore

A. Properties of Gases and Vapors
B. Properties of Liquids
C. Properties of Solids
D. SI Units
E. Miscellaneous

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