SAP solution, SAP System Landscape Requirements

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Considering mySAP Components to Be Implemented
As the different business requirements are hammered out and in turn mapped to the
solution vision, inevitably a discussion around various mySAP offerings emerges.
Take care to distinguish between current mySAP component capabilities, and new
features that will soon be released in new versions of a particular mySAP solution.
Over the last few years, SAP has aggressively released new versions of current mySAP
components, re-badged existing components and technologies, and added quite a
few new components. So as you begin discussing specific solutions like Advanced
Planner and Optimizer, SRM E-Procurement, or Enterprise Portal and the SAP
Exchange Infrastructure, it is very important to bring in an expert versed in both the
solution’s current capabilities and shortcomings, and what lies ahead on the road map.
Considering SAP System Landscape Requirements
As with the mySAP components to be implemented, it’s also important to determine
the SAP system landscape requirements necessary to achieve your solution vision:

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