SAP System Landscape Directory, Planing Guide for SLD

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What is SLD?
SLD is the acronym of “System Landscape Directory». Is a Java Application running
in all the Sap Java Systems. Is used like Central Information repository of all your
system Landscape. SLD use the Common Information Model (CIM), this is a
standard object oriented modeling DB.
Who use SLD?
SLD is used by:
• Process Integration.
PI/XI use SLD like the repository of all the Business Systems definitions,
without this service PI/XI doesn’t run.
• Solution Manager
SM Read the Information from the SLD and refresh the technical definition on
• Portal
Used by the JCO Destination.
Identify the role of the system and the Name reservation
• .SLM
Software Lifecycle Management is the tool provide by SAP to make the
pacification of you Landscape.
In SLD you can create Groups used by NWA to administrate more efficiently
the Landscape.
To know all the Systems in your Landsace.
SLD Strategy
The strategy for the SLD is very important, you need to decide in witch way you
want administrate the SLD Information, there are several way and key
points(Important, Version, Etc). You can check in
[Linki görmek için üye olmanız gerekmektedir] the SLD paper to develop your strategy.
(My recommendation is read the Planing Guide for SLD).

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